Costs and Budget

Money is an important issue when you are planning to study abroad for some time. On the following pages, you will find out what to expect and how much money you will need.

Expenses and financing your studies

It is important that you organize how you are going to fund your studies BEFORE you arrive in Germany, as proof of sufficient financial means is required upon application for a residence permit. (§ 5 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 AufenthG).

Scholarships: Generally universities do not offer scholarships. And: It’s not typical for an international student to receive full funding for their studies through scholarships in Germany. TIP: Before you come to Germany, check out the scholarship opportunities in your home country, and see if any of them can apply to your studies here.

Various financial aide options for students in Germany are outlined on the website of the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst)

In order to ensure students’ financial subsistence during the course of their stay, the financial requirements for a residence permit are based on the current BAföG rates: currently 720 € per month or 8,640 € per year

The proof of financial means can be provided in the following ways:

  • Certification from a German bank confirming an account balance of at least 8.640 € in a restricted-access account (“Sperrkonto”), from which no more than 1/12 of the balance may be withdrawn monthly.
  • Deposit of an irrevocable bond above a minimum of 8.640 € at a German bank.
  • Declaration of commitment from a person living in Germany according to § 68 AufenthG. This person must assume responsibility for the student’s subsistence during the entire course of their stay in Germany.
  • Proof of receipt of a scholarship with a monetary total of at least 720 € per month.

Applicants may NOT state possible gainful employment alongside their studies as proof of financial means.

Here are the approximate living costs calculated for the average student studying in Darmstadt:
Tuition EUR 0
Registration fees EUR 268,34 €
(for the degree programme Biomedical Engineering EUR 364.96,
for exchange students EUR 220,00 €)
Residence Permit for Non-EU EUR 100 for one year,
EUR 110 for more than one year
Housing EUR 300 – 450 per month

(depending on the type of accommodation)
Food & Beverages EUR 250 – 350 per month
Learning material approx. EUR 50
Health insurance
(only applicable for Non-EU students, for further information see here)
EUR 90 per month
Phone & Internet EUR 35 – 50 per month
GEZ* EUR 17.50 per month
Estimated living expenses are about 700.00€ – 900.00€ per month.
*GEZ is a joint organization of Germany's public broadcasting institutions (radio and TV). Everyone who registers in Germany is required to pay these fees even if you are not a German citizen.
Please note that these costs are just a rough estimation and can vary greatly depending on your way of life, your accommodation, etc.
In the first few weeks you will need cash to pay for a number of things, such as transportation (AirLiner shuttle bus or taxi, hotel), your housing security deposit, health insurance, student fees, rent, etc.
Shuttle bus Approx. EUR 10 (cash)
Taxi (train station – hotel) Approx. EUR 15 (cash)
Hotel (1 night) Approx. EUR 55 (card)
Food for first few days Approx. EUR 100 (cash)
Safety deposit for room Approx. EUR 250 (cash)
Rent for September/March
(highly dependent on the type of accommodation)
Approx. EUR 380–450 (cash / bank transfer)
Health insurance per month(if required, see here) Approx. EUR 90 (bank transfer)
Bus ticket per month for September or March (only needed before you get your semester ticket) Approx. EUR 30 (cash)
Bedding package (student housing) Approx. EUR 50 (cash)
TU Darmstadt Experience Days Approx. EUR 60 (cash)
= TOTAL Approx. EUR 1110


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