Financial Assistance and Scholarships


The TU Darmstadt supports its international students with its own scholarship programs and information on scholarship searches. We advice specifically on financial funding for international students in their final study phase.

Scholarships are often linked to specific criteria, such as nationality/country of origin, age or study programme.

The following websites give you an overview of different scholarship programmes:


BAFöG (state-funded student loans) will be granted to international students on rare occasions and under specific conditions.

We will also advise you personally on appointment in the case of financial emergencies.

TU Darmstadt offers the following scholarship programmes for international students:

  • Financial Funding for international students in their final study phase

Our office also provides advice on appointments in the case of financial emergencies. Please send an e-mail to .

Financial Funding for international students in their final study phase

An application for “Leistungsorientierte Studienabschluss-Förderung” (Financial funding for international students in their final study phase) can be submitted twice a year.
Application periods: 01 – 15 April and 01 – 15 October.

Current application period

The online application portal will close on Thursday, 15 October 2020 at 24:00 h.

After you have applied through the online portal, please submit your application documents by e-mail by 16 October 2020.

  • Citizenship other than German
  • Higher education entrance qualification from a country other than Germany or from a “Studienkolleg” in Germany
  • Enrolment in a Bachelor, Master or teaching program at TU Darmstadt
  • overall GPA ≤ 2,74
  • Final thesis is already registered or will be within the next six months

Students in cooperation programs or Erasmus programmes as well as doctoral students cannot apply for this financial assistance.

Complete and print and sign the online application form. Send an e-mail with the following documents as a scan to :

  • Current transcript of records, stamped by “Studienbüro” (departmental study office)
  • Form “Confirmation of thesis registration”
    Important: Even if your thesis has not been registered yet, please fill out the form „Confirmation of thesis registration” nevertheless and mark “thesis has not been registered to date”. A confirmation of “Studienbüro” is not required in this case.

Contact your study office by e-mail: have a stamped transcript of records sent to you as a scan. If you have already registered your thesis, please fill in the form “Confirmation of thesis registration” and have it signed and stamped and sent to you as a scan.

  • Proof of social hardship or family situation that needs to be considered in particular, if applicable (e.g. birth certificate of child)
  • Proof of the duration and amount of scholarships you have received or are currently receiving.

Important note:

Applications that are incomplete or handed in after the application period cannot be considered.

  • Funding is awarded on the basis of performance criteria and, if applicable, in consideration of the applicant's social or family situation
  • Students with children will be considered in particular
  • Students can only be funded once in each course of study