Room Check: Search for free workplaces

If you need a workstation on the TU-Campus, you are allowed to use free central rooms for this purpose. You can find these with the application “TU Raum-Check”: (opens in new tab)

The application can be accessed via the browser after entering your TU-ID.

You can enter only the campus in the Room input field (e.g. “S” for Stadtmitte, “L” for Lichtwiese), or enter further details such as the building number or the specific room number. The columns of the results list can be sorted by clicking on the column heading.

By clicking on the room number, you can see the room details with further information such as the number of seats.

The following rules apply to the use of workstations in vacant rooms:

  • The rooms may be used during normal building opening hours: Monday to Friday 06 – 20 h (exception: Old Main Building S1|02 and S1|03: 06 – 22 h).
  • The rooms are to be used for work / study only
  • Please keep quiet so that other students are not disturbed
  • Eating is not allowed in the rooms
  • Please leave the room in good time before the next course starts

Please feel free to use the learning centers in the departments and workrooms of the ULB.

The campus navi helps you find your way around the campus!