TUCaN & Academic Organisation

TUCaN is the central organizing system for courses and examinations at TU Darmstadt.

With TUCaN

  • your register for modules, courses and examinations,
  • you can see your personal timetable,
  • you get messages concerning short-time changes,
  • you find your marks and your performance summary.

To work with TUCaN, you just need internet access and your personal login credentials (TU-ID).

You can get an overview also in the TUCaN Flyer (opens in new tab) .

Course catalogue

The course catalogue of TU Darmstadt is always published in TUCaN on the 1st working day in September (for the winter semester) and March (for the summer semester).

From that day, the general online-registration for modules and courses is possible.

Dates may vary – please check your department's schedule. The registration period for each course is specified in TUCaN.