Certificate of study

Certificates of study are provided digitally in TUCaN.

You will receive your personal data sheet with all important information including your student ID (semester ticket) by mail. Please make sure that you your address is kept up to date in TUCaN.

Just login the TUCaN Webportal, click on Service and then on the left side on My Documents. On the next page, you can print out or download your certificates of study.

Also a special BAFöG certificate replacing the form §9 and a vote certification (only in summer semester) are available.

Changes after re-registration

If there any changes after your re-registration which require a new issue of the certificate of study (e.g. change of degree programme/subject, transcription from bachelor to master, change of name, leave of absence), the updated document will be available online within one week. The new student ID card will be sent by letter post.