Sustainability is a central part of TU Darmstadt's self-image. It makes significant contributions to sustainability – with research projects and in studies and teaching, and at the same time through the responsible daily actions of its members. The responsible use of energy is also essential; it is climate protection in practice and an important contribution to sustainable global development.
During the last heating period, we jointly implemented numerous measures to save energy. We want to continue to build on these findings – to stabilize our energy consumption at a low level not only in winter, but all year round. Our aim is to reduce the energy requirements and climate-damaging emissions of our buildings as much as possible and to ensure a CO2-neutral energy supply for our university as quickly as possible.

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President and Vice President on saving energy at TUDa

In the video, the President and Vice President for Administration and Financial Affairs of TU Darmstadt, Tanja Brühl and Martin Lommel, address the students and employees of TUDa to explain the energy-saving measures and goals for the upcoming heating period. The focus is on reducing heating costs and electricity consumption – and every euro that is not used for energy can be used for teaching, research and xchange. President and Vice President emphasize the importance of every individual contribution to the TU community.

Acting sustainably and using energy responsibly is something each and every one of us can do together. Thirty thousand members of TUDa can make a big difference together with small measures! Our actions not only protect the environment, but also the budget. Every euro that is not spent on energy is available for research, teaching and xchange - ultimately, this amounts to several million euros per year for TUDa!

Tanja Brühl, president of TU Darmstadt

Target picture energy

The energy (price) crisis in 2022 has presented TU Darmstadt with particular challenges. Together, we have succeeded in identifying and implementing efficient energy-saving measures. Heat consumption was reduced by around 23 percent after adjusting for weather conditions, while electricity consumption was cut by almost ten percent. TU Darmstadt is now building on these findings and experiences – in order to stabilize energy consumption at a low level not only in winter, but all year round.

This is in line with the Hessian Climate Law; TUDa is aiming to be greenhouse gas neutral as quickly as possible. To this end

  • comprehensively and swiftly renovating buildings and infrastructure to increase energy efficiency
  • it is expanding its network of photovoltaic systems. By 2025 , 25 new systems will be installed, meaning that the TU will contribute around 2,300 MWh per year, which corresponds to annual cost savings of around 0.5 million euros;
  • examines further options for energy generation and use and compiles them in a package of measures in 2024.

For the coming heating period, TUDa has set itself the goal of saving an average of at least 23% on heating and cooling and 10% on electricity compared to the 2021/22 heating period. This corresponds to an expected total cost saving of approx. 4.5 million euros.

We explain what this means in concrete terms and how this will be possible on Act sustainably: Using energy responsibly! There we also answer frequently asked questions from the university and introduce contact persons and our network of experts.

TU Darmstadt wants to act sustainably. That is why we use energy responsibly. We can achieve this together if each individual makes a small contribution. At the same time, we renovate and use buildings in an energy-efficient manner. We base our measures on where we can achieve the greatest savings.

Martin Lommel, Vice President for Administration and Financial Affairs

Current energy data of TU Darmstadt

Daily heat consumption

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Daily consumption of electrical energy

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The graphs show the daily aggregated total consumption of electrical energy and heat at TU Darmstadt.

The graphs are updated every morning around 6 am.