Paul Wallot
(*1841, †1912)

From 1856 until 1859, Paul Wallot took his first academic steps as a student of architecture at the “Höhere Gewerbeschule zu Darmstadt” (Higher Trade School Darmstadt), which was later to become the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt. He is the architect of the Berlin Reichstag, today's German national parliament building.

The fifth of December 1894 marked the completion of the parliament building with its distinctive dome. After ten years of construction, marked by fierce controversy, Wallot was finally able to take Wilhelm II and the empress on a tour of the building.

“Today, the faculty of the Großh. Technische Hochschule zu Darmstadt had its Director, Professor Dr. Lepsius, hand over the following letter to the constructor of the Reichstag building, Baurat Professor Dr. Paul Wallot in Berlin:”

“Most honourable Baurat! The Reichstag building, this great creation of your mind, will be committed to its lofty purpose today. The faculty at Technische Hochschule zu Darmstadt extends their warmest congratulations to you on this day of honour, reminiscent of the fact that you began your architectural studies here at the former Higher Trade School. In autumn 1859, you graduated from our school after three years with an excellent diploma. It has been a long journey since your modest beginnings as a student at Darmstadt to your great achievement of the Reichshaus in Berlin, decades of dedicated work, which have made you the ingenious master that you are now, as manifested to us in your work (…).

We professors at Technische Hochschule zu Darmstadt are proud that such a master of the art of construction has emerged from our midst; our school of architecture, both teachers and students, will always look up to you, most honourable Baurat, as well as to your monumentum aere perennius, and remember you with deep admiration.”

(Darmstädter Tagblatt, 6 December 1894)

Darmstädter Tagblatt, 6 December 1894.

Paul Wallot in his studio.

Wallot's bid in the design competition, 1882.