Electronic Dismantling Protection

Electronic Dismantling Protection

Connectors, housings or bottle closures: Easy to close, can only be opened electronically!

Intellectual Property and Innovation Management

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Status quo

When a end-user should not open a housing, plug connector or bottle cap, mechanical snap-in-noses are often integrated, which can only be opened by levering or high forces. A frequent side effect is damage of the latching mechanism and for many end users this is only a minor obstacle.

Our technology: Polymer electrothermal bending

Polymer electrothermal bending actuators can be used to create controllable latching lugs that can only be opened by qualified personnel. With injection moulding, MID or the integration of small printed circuit boards, these snap-in-noses can be cost-effectively integrated into several housings or connectors.


  • Dismantling protection with smallest dimensions
  • High tensile strength
  • Can be used in a wide temperature range

Current stage of development

Technology-Readiness-Level (TRL): Level 2-3.

Manufactured miniaturized drives show deflections of several hundred micrometers. Demonstrators can be developed on order.

Application possibilities

For all types of housings, e.g. for smart meters, fuse boxes or handheld devices, which must not be dismantled by the end user. Also suitable for plug connections, e.g. charging cables.

Commercialization opportunities

For the implementation of the technology, we are looking for interested companies who would like to extend their product portfolio or open up new business fields. There are various possibilities for cooperation between the industrial partner and TU Darmstadt: from an exchange with the know-how carriers of the technology up to a close cooperation in case of further development needs. The technology is protected by intellectual property rights and can be used by the industry partner after a sale or licensing agreement.