TU Darmstadt's Innovation Offer

Here you will find the latest innovation offer of TU Darmstadt. Every technology is presented in one Exposé. We are looking for industry partners who are interested in using the technology. If there is any need for further development, a close cooperation between the industry partner and TU Darmstadt is possible.

For further questions please contact the technology transfer unit and discuss the possibilities without obligation.

Patent portfolio

Concerning the commercialization of our innovative technologies TU Darmstadt is constantly searching for interested commercialization partners. An important aim for TU Darmstadt is the further development and implementation of the technologies into application-orientated products and services. For requests please get in touch with the contact persons indicated in the sidebar.

List of all available patent applications of the TU Darmstadt
Patent- and Exploitation Strategy document

Funding reference

The presented information of the innovation offer of the TU Darmstadt is supported within the project Strukturierter Innovationsmanagement- und Transferprozess an der TU Darmstadt by funds of the IWB-EFRE-Program Hessen.