Tool holder for cryogenic cooling

Functionally integrated tool holder for cryogenic cooling in manufacturing processes

Additively manufactured tool holder concept for dry machining using CO2-snow cooling

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Status quo

The high potential of cryogenic CO2-snow cooling for machining of materials hard to machine has already been proven by various experts. Furthermore, currently such sustainable cooling strategies are gaining importance, because in addition to the better machining results a contamination of the turning chips with oily cutting fluid is avoided. However, the production-oriented implementation of state-of-the-art tool concepts for cryogenic cooling is costly.

Our technology: Functionally integrated tool holder for CO2-snow cooling

By using additive manufacturing technology geometrically demanding functional components such as gas-cooling, continuous channel structures and a two-media nozzle concept have been successfully integrated into the tool holder.


  • Compact tool holder design with integrated CO2-snow cooling
  • Focused application of the cooling fluid
  • Low production costs due to reduced number of components

Current stage of development

Technology-Readiness-Level (TRL): Level 4

The prototype has been tested in application.

Application possibilities

Dry machining of difficult-to-cut materials (e.g. titanium or grey cast iron).

Commercialization opportunities

For the implementation of the technology, we are looking for interested companies who would like to extend their product portfolio or open up new business fields. There are various possibilities for cooperation between the industrial partner and TU Darmstadt: from an exchange with the know-how carriers of the technology up to a close cooperation in case of further development needs. The technology is protected by intellectual property rights and can be used by the industry partner after a sale or licensing agreement.