Load transfer element for FRP tension rods

Load transfer element for FRP tension rods

Innovative load transfer element enables simple usage of lightweight fibre composite tension rods

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Status quo

For high-strength connections of components in mechanical and civil engineering typically steel elements and steel bolts are used. These components are usually not weight-optimized. The deployment of unidirectional rods made of fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) as connection element leads to less weight and higher elastic compliance (characteristics of bolt with waisted shank). These advantages are known actually, but the usage of existing load transfer solutions is still unattractive due to great manufacturing and assembling effort.

Our technology: Innovative load transfer element for FRP tension rods

The load transmission elements special design using fine-tooth structuring in combination with radial pretension enables reliable application of FRP tension rods


  • Usage of FRP tension rods with small manufacturing and low assembling effort
  • High strength of the connection
  • High corrosion resistance

Current stage of development

Technology-Readiness-Level: Level 3. Proof of Concept is shown.

Application possibilities

Lightweight tensioning elements with high elastic compliance, e.g. as an alternative to tension bolts for high temperature differences or for oscillating loads. In civil engineering as lightweight, corrosion resistant reinforcement for concrete.

Intellectual property situation

The presented technology is protected by a pending patent of TU Darmstadt.

Commercialization opportunities

We are looking for industry partners who are interested in using the technology. If there is any demand for further development of the technology regarding implementation in products, a close cooperation between the industry partner and TU Darmstadt is possible.