Device for DC high-current impress at high DC potential

Device for DC high-current impress at high DC potential

Device for capacitive power transfer for DC high-current impress

Intellectual Property and Innovation Management

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Status quo

High-voltage direct-current transmission (HVDC) gains in importance due to well-known benefits. Thereby the demand for testing and verifying electrical components and devices by impressing DC high-current at high DC potential emerges. This approach ensures realistic test condictions. For this application there are currently no commercial design solutions existing.

Our technology: Device for capacitive power transfer

The device is composed of two capacitors, which are isolating the DC potential (600 kV) from the generator unit and are impressing the AC-voltage capacitively on the current path (up to 5000 A at 25 V).


  • Simple and cost-effective solution
  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Uses existing components and technology

Current stage of development

Technology-Readiness-Level: Level 2-3.

Experiments in scale 1:10 have been performed successfully. Device in scale 1:1 is under construction.

Application possibilities

Main field of application is the high-voltage test engineering.

Intellectual property situation

The presented technology is protected by a pending patent of TU Darmstadt.

Commercialization opportunities

We are looking for industry partners who are interested in using the technology. If there is any demand for further development of the technology regarding implementation in products, a close cooperation between the industry partner and TU Darmstadt is possible.