Hydrogen / H2 xchange circle
Issues and team

In the H2 xchange circle, we consider the entire H2 value-creation chain, from production, to use, to the challenges related to storage and transport. But we also make assessments in relation to technical, political and economic aspects.

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The production of sustainable H2 is a key technology for the hydrogen industry. At TU Darmstadt, research is being conducted on the core technologies of alkaline and acidic water electrolysis and the gasification of biomass or waste materials to produce hydrogen. The direct use of protons/hydroxide ions for chemical synthesis generated in the electrolyser without release of hydrogen is also being investigated.


Sustainable hydrogen can be used in various kinds of ways. Research topics at TU Darmstadt include reconversion in the fuel cell, release of the stored energy in combustion engines, direct reduction of iron oxide with H2 and usage as a valuable raw material in the chemical industry.

Storage and transport

Research on the storage and transport of H2 includes numerous aspects, e.g. from storage in salt caverns to magnetic cooling and liquefaction, through to chemical storage in methanol. Issues relating to material stability are particularly important.

Technical, political & economic optimization and assessment

Assessment and optimization of new H2 innovations involves a wide range of levels and fields. Research at TU Darmstadt aims to understand and optimize details at the smallest scale, while also having the capability to undertake process-wide and system-wide assessments. This also includes research on social and political aspects.


Spokesperson of the xchange circle is
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kramm


+49 6151 16-20356