Hydrogen / H2 xchange circle

Climate change and its impacts mean that it is essential to rethink current industrial value creation chains. New technological options need to be found for issues such as energy supply and mobility. Sustainably produced hydrogen can be used in many different applications and can be an alternative to conventional methods.

Our contribution: future-focused research and development

Hydrogen, a key issue of the future, is the subject of intensive research at TU Darmstadt: Fundamental research, technical implementation and evaluation are all seamlessly integrated. The xchange-Circle Hydrogen / H2 pools these skills, providing an attractive research environment for companies along the entire H2 value-creation chain. We’re ideal partners for joint innovation, thanks to our location in the Rhine-Main metropolitan region, the local startup scene, our excellent research infrastructure, our many years of experience, international network, boundless creativity and motivation to create a sustainable future. Find out under ‘Issues and team’ about existing research areas and options for cooperation.