• 2018/12/17

    5. rmn² lecture – 11 Feb 2019

    Kristian Kersting – Die automatische Datenanalyse: Mensch und Maschine

    Automated data analysis: the human and the machine

    The talk will sketch a specific view on data sciences. It will align human and machine capabilities more closely by combining abstract programming languages and databases with methods of statistical learning, optimization, and deep learning.

    The talk will be held in German. Further information only available in German as well.

  • 2018/07/06

    Modeling human locomotion control and its applications

    Seungmoon Song, Standford University

    Friday 13 July 2018 at 10am

    TU Darmstadt, S1|15 Alexanderstrasse 10, Room 29

  • 2018/05/15

    Humans learn to blink strategically

    hoch3, Mai 2018, Seite 19

    Eye blinks serve the purpose of maintaining healthy vision but during a blink visual information processing is interrupted. While a multitude of medical, cognitive, and psychological factors have been shown to influence blinking, the present study establishes quantitatively how human blinking behavior is dynamically adapted to environmental task demands.

  • 2017/11/13

    32. Darmstädter Sport-Forum

    32. Darmstädter Sport-Forum

    Sport ohne Grenzen – Wege der Integration, der Inklusion und der individuellen Entwicklung

  • 2018/01/02

    Q&A – Studying Cognitive Science @ TU Darmstadt

    The TU Darmstadt will offer both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Cognitive Science. Although we aim to complete these programs within 2018 to welcome first students of Cognitive Science in 2019, a first set of Q&A can already be provided. Visit: Studying Cognitive Science in Darmstadt – Q&A (in German)

  • 2018/04/06

    “Machine Learning from Weak Supervision”

    Masashi Sugiyama (RIKEN / University of Tokyo, Japan) is visiting TU Darmstadt

    Masashi Sugiyama, Director of the RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP) started official cooperatiion with TU Darmstadt / Centre for Cognitve Science in 2017. On April 6th he will give a lecture on “Machine Learning from Weak Supervision – Towards Accurate Classification with Low Labeling Costs”