from Greece

About me

Hey! I’m Christina and come from Greece. Right now, I’m studying Computer Science and I chose TU Darmstadt because it provides the perfect combination of innovation and learning opportunities. I find Computer Science very interesting because there is always something new to learn and discover!

B.Sc. Computer Science

It’s better to fail miserably than never try. Even in failures there are great lessons to be learned and countless new paths to choose from.

Picture: Juan David Aleman




Study programme:

B.Sc. Computer Science

Prior education:

Greek High School of Frankfurt

Why I chose TU Darmstadt:

It gives students countless opportunities to learn, as well as, explore their interests. There is always something new you can try.

What I like about Darmstadt:

The city combines its historical past with innovation. Easy to move around without a car, lots of activities and events and you get to meet people from all over the world.

Fun fact about me:

I love learning about all sorts of topics. From historical events and the art of cinema, to interesting traditions of other countries and technology. And I might like to share these fun facts with those around me.

My favourite motto:

Life is too short to dwell in fear and insecurity, so do what you love and want.

What makes me happy:

Being with people I love.

What I would tell my younger self:

Stop planning ahead! Nothing is set in stone!

As a child, I wanted to become a:

princess (didn’t work out, need I say)