Sociology (M.A.)


Sociology (Master of Arts)

(Soziologie, M.A.)


General Information

Degree: Master of Arts
Duration: 4 semesters
Language: German; selected lectures/seminars in English
Internship: A job-related internship is optional and may be accredited (18 CP) as part of the Minor.
Requirements for Admission: Admittance to the Master of Arts programme (and thereby to the university) requires that students must have already completed a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in the same area, or possess an equivalent degree. Admittance to the Master of Arts degree may also be contingent upon other additional requirements. Requirements specific to this degree programme may be found here and in the competences description. Please consult the (post-)graduate programme advisor for related questions. Please also note the general information regarding Master’s Degree programmes. Information for those candidates who possess degrees from foreign universities may be found at the International Admission.
Admission Procedure: As long as the requirements for admission (Entrance Requirements Verification) are fulfilled, there is no restriction on admission.
Part-time Studies: possible under specific conditions
Programme Start: winter semester or summer semester
Application Deadline: International applicants find their application deadline here.
Application: Online
Special Features:

Brief Description

The Master of Arts in Sociology programme has its focus on research and is designed to both deepen and broaden the knowledge and skills necessary to analyse social behaviour and to apply the empirical research methods acquired during the Bachelor of Arts. Another focus is the cooperative context or teaching and learning as can be seen from the majority of seminars over lectures. A research project prepares for the writing of the Master’s thesis. Students have the choice of specialising in one of three focal areas of sociology and to participate in a research colloquium. The overall goal is to lay the groundwork for students to follow an academic or professional career in the field of sociology.

Semester Course Schedule (print version)
Semester Course Schedule (print version)

The Master of Arts degree programme in Sociology is divided into a Mandatory Subject Area (54 CP), a Specialisation Area (18 CP) and a Minor (18 CP).

The Mandatory Subject Area are grouped into the following modules:

  • MA1 Sociological Theories;
  • MA2 Specific Sociology;
  • MA3 Special Methods: Empirical Social Research;
  • Moreover, the MA5 Teaching Research Project has to be done by the students, which consists of Teaching Research Project I and Teaching Research Project II.

In the Specialisation Area the students have the choice between MA4.1 Work, Technology and Organisation; MA4.2 City and Space; MA4.3 Education and Culture.

The Minor consists of 18 CP. Therefor the students choose a specific module catalogue of the areas Economics; Political Science; Philosophy; History; Human Sciences; Infrastucture/ Planning/ Traffic; Computer Science.

The Master’s degree programme concludes with a Master’s Thesis (30 CP). This independent research project encompasses an entire semester and forms a substantial component of the Master’s programme.

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