Sports Management (M.A.)


Sports Management (Master of Arts)

(Sportmanagement, M.A.)


General Information

Degree: Master of Arts
Duration: 4 semesters
Language: German
Internship: practically oriented internship (see degree course scheme); Internship regulations
Requirements for Admission:
1. Requirements for admission to the Master’s degree programme (and thereby university enrolment) are a joint Bachelor’s degree in a field of study combined with sports science from the TU Darmstadt (reference study programme) or in an equivalent Bachelor’s degree in sports science, and basic skills in law and economics. The respective skills of at least 75 CP (sports science) and 20 CP (law and economics) will be examined in the course of a suitability test. If there are any doubts whether the student possesses the required skills, they will be reviewed in an oral exam of a duration of 20 minutes. If the examination of the written records indicates a skill deficit that requires more than 30 CP of coursework to compensate it, the eligibility requirements will be considered not fulfilled.
2. Proof of physical fitness in the form of a medical certificate.

Specific degree entrance requirements may be found here. For further questions please contact the departmental advisor’s office. Please also note the general information on the Master of Science degree programme, including information for students with degrees from abroad: International Admission.
Admission Procedure: As long as the requirements for admission (Entrance Requirements Verification) are fulfilled, there is no restriction on admission.
Part-time Studies: possible under specific conditions
Program Start: winter semester (recommended) and summer semester (possible, but without degree completion guarantee)
Application Deadline: International applicants find their application deadline here.
Application: Online
Special Features: Please note that you have to submit proof of basic courses (sports practice) in a special discipline before you are admitted to the respective advanced courses.

Brief Description

The interdisciplinary Master of Arts programme Sports Management acquaints the students with the contents of law and economics, psychology, and sports science (sports theory and sports practice).

The programme thus covers terminology, approaches, methods, and findings of sports science as well as law/- economics. The program enables the students to work on research or application-oriented projects in the field of sports management and to develop and work on specific research and development problems at this interface.

Semester Course Schedule (print version)
Semester Course Schedule (print version)

The programme is divided into the following modules that cover the sports-theoretical, sports-practical, psychological, and law and business-related contents:

  • Methodology and Integrated Research and Project Activity (14 CP)
  • Sports Theory (9 CP)
  • Sports Practice (6 CP)
  • Psychological Aspects of Person-centered Management (12 CP)
  • Advanced Catalogue Law and Economics (0 bis12 CP)
  • Focus Catalogue law and economics (28-40 CP)
  • Optional Area Law and Economics (0 bis 6 CP)
  • Internship (9 CP)
  • Master’s Thesis (30 CP)

The Master’s Thesis may be written in the field of law and economics or in the field of sports science. An interdisciplinary thesis is also permitted.

More information:

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