Costs and Budgeting

Financial elements play an important role in planning a stay abroad. We provide the necessary information for you to estimate the separate costs that you might face, as well as for planning a suitable budget.

Important Questions and Answers

We expressively advise you to sort out the financing of your stay in Germany before you arrive here. This is particularly important so that you can make the necessary arrangements in good time. If you need a residence permit, for example, you must prove in advance that you have the means to finance your livelihood in Germany (Section 5 (1) No. 1 Residence Act).

There are various financing possibilities. In addition to your own savings and the family support, your stay can be funded with scholarships and in many cases through working a part-time or side job.

Please be advised that the following costs are for guidance purposes only and are therefore not exhaustive. These figures are an estimated average and are highly dependent on your individual lifestyle, your personal situation and, for example, the type of accommodation you have.

It is recommended to bring a certain amount of cash with you on arrival, because there are many occasions in which you may only pay in cash (for example, for the Airport Shuttle Bus). Please note that in Germany it is not always possible to pay everywhere by credit or debit card.

“Knowing how to budget properly can make the difference between success and failure when studying abroad. Managing finances is a very important challenge that international students have to master before they start a new, exciting chapter of their lives in Darmstadt.”

Ons, international student at TU Darmstadt

Here are the approximate living costs calculated for the average student studying in Darmstadt. Please note that the actual cost of living depends strongly on various factors
Semester fees Current registration fees
Accommodation (room in a shared apartment) €345 – €650 per month
Food costs €120 – €285 per month
Phone contract/ Prepaid SIM card €10 – €30 per month
Radio licence fee * €18,36 per month
If applicable, statutory health insurance (incl. long-term care insurance) around €125 per month
Learning materials €50 per month
The estimated cost of living is approximately around 934 € per month.
* “ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice” is a joint organisation of Germany's public broadcasting institutions (radio and TV). Everyone who registers in Germany is required to pay these fees (Rundfunkbeitrag) even if you are not a German citizen.
Airport Shuttle Bus (Framkfurt a.M. > Darmstadt) Approx. €10 (cash only)
Hostel/ Hotel (per night) Approx. €25-55
Deposit for the room Approx. 1-2 months' rent
Public transport (if no semester ticket available) €5-20 per day
Further costs that you may potentially incur
  • Room furnishing
  • Bedding
Approx. € 50 (cash)
Based on the above information, one-off costs in the early days of your stay amount to approximately €380 – €1000


The information on this website is not legally binding.

Cash Declaration

Please note the maximum amount of cash that can be brought into Germany. If you exceed this limit, i.e., bring more cash, you must declare your amount to customs!