International Student Services (ISS)

Planning your stay

The International Student Services (ISS) Team is very excited to welcome you to Technische Universität Darmstadt!

We offer you:

  • all information on how to prepare for and organize your stay, e.g. visa, travel insurance, accommodation or bank account
  • support with your first steps after arrival in Darmstadt
  • information on current events and deadlines within the university.
  • constant contact partner in the case of problems

If you are planning a stay abroad, you will have lots of questions like “How do I get to Darmstadt?”, “How high are the living costs?” or “am I allowed to work in Germany?”.

Please find answers to your most important questions here:

How to get to Darmstadt

Costs ? Budget

Jobs &Part time work

Language courses

If you have questions about living in Darmstadt and to find accommodation here, you can find information about it via the following links.

Accommodation for Exchange Students

Accommodation for international degree-seeking students

Here you will find answers to your most important questions regarding visa, travel health insurance and bank account.


Visa Regulations for Erasmus+ Students

Visa Regulations for Degree-Seeking and International Exchange Students


Travel health insurance

Bank account

Bank & blocked account

If you have already arrived in Darmstadt, we offer you further support for international students.


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