I just signed up for a course. Why hasn't it appeared on my schedule yet?

The schedule is updated every five minutes. For this reason, it can take a few minutes until the course appears on the schedule.

If the course doesn’t appear after five minutes, please note the following points:

  • Please check if you really signed up for the course – this requires a module registration for all bachelor and master degree programmes .After you have logged in, follow Courses -> My Current Registrations. If your registration has been accepted, the course will be listed under Accepted Registrations.
  • If this is not the case, you may possibly only be registered for the module. Modules don’t have any appointments, thus they are not shown on the schedule. In this case, please sign up for the corresponding course.
  • If the course doesn’t show up on the schedule an hour later, please contact the TUCaN-Support via , indicating your student ID number, the number of the course as well as the name of the course and the corresponding module that won’t show up on your schedule.