Export / Import of the schedule

All courses and examinations that you take in this semester are listed on the schedule automatically. When you click on Schedule from the menu, you can see all courses you have scheduled for the current week.

You can switch between day view, month view and week view in the left menu bar.

If you are using another calendar program on your computer, you can export your appointments. To do this, click on Export.

Afterward, select the month or week for which you want to export your appointments.

Click on Export Appointments.

The system will create a calendar file in iCal-format.

To open or save the file, click on Calendar file.

Please Note: There is no subscription for the schedule so far. If there are new appointments, you will have to manually export the latest schedule in order to use it on an other calendar program.

Please also Note: The file will be exported in UTF-16 format. If UTF-8 format is required for import into the target calendar, the file may need to be converted.