Change personal exam plan

Your path to the new exam plan:

Before you can change your exam schedule in TUCaN, you must do the following:

1.) Make an appointment with the person with whom you need to coordinate your personal exam plan. This person is the mentor in some departments and the chairperson of the examination board in others.

2.) Ask the Office for Student Afairs to open your personal examination plan in TUCaN. Once this is done, you will receive a system message stating “Exam plan released for modification”.

Only after your new exam plan has accepted status will you be able to register for the exams that your personal exam plan specifies.

Instructions for changing the exam plan:

Step 1:

Please read the above instructions.

Step 2:

Open the menu Examinations

Step 3:

Open the menu My Examinations

Step 4:

Change your exam plan by resetting the check marks.

Step 5:

Click Save and then Submit.

Attention. The exam plan is now locked. You can no longer change it. In addition, you cannot register for exams until the Office for Student Affairs has set the status to accepted. This may take a few days.

Step 5:

Display all the subjects you have selected. To do this, set All selected in the display at the top right. Only then click on Print exam plan.

Step 7

Sign the examination plan. Then have the person who needs to approve it sign it.

Step 8:

Submit the approved exam plan to your Office for Student Affairs. As soon as the Office for Student Affairs has set the status to accepted, your new exam plan is active. Now you can register for these exams.