Remote examination

The rules of Hess. FernPrüfDV (opens in new tab) apply.

The following conditions must be met at remote examinations:

Both examinee and the examiner must mutually agree to the digital format chosen. In the case of a video-based examination, the examinee must be visible in the live image and show an identification document and the student ID. At the beginning of the exam, the examinees must assure that they are alone in the room and that they do not have any aids available.

Test round for online exams

A few days beforehand online exams there should be a test round for the examinees to get familiar with the technology.

See. Section 1 Para. 5 FernPrüfVO


What happens in case of a disconnection during a remote examination?

In case of technical problems, students should first contact the examiners.

According to the Hess. FernPrüfDV (opens in new tab) (Section 5 FernPrüfDV HE), if the distance examination is technically not feasible, it will be terminated at the respective stage and the examination performance will not be evaluated. This does not apply if students have caused the disruption intentionally or through gross negligence.

If the image or sound transmission is temporarily disrupted during an oral or practical remote examination, the remote examination will be continued after the disruption has been fixed. If the technical malfunction persists so that the oral or practical remote examination cannot be continued in an orderly manner, the remote examination will be repeated at a later time. If the technical malfunction occurs after a substantial part of the examination has already been completed, the oral examination may be continued and completed by telephone without the use of a video conferencing system.