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Here you will find all published English editions and volumes of the TU science magazine hoch³ FORSCHEN and the progress report of the Technical University Darmstadt.

  • Progress Report 2017

    Summary by Executive Board, from page 4

    Academic Affairs, from page 14

    Honest insight - Degree taster - Journey into the future of technology - Thoughts control machines - Exceptional "Argonaut"- Ten years of Mundus Urbano - Printing in the third dimension - Launching careers - Courses offered by TU Darmstadt - Facts and figures

    Research, from page 30

    Of neutron stars and supercomputers - Enzymes for green chemisty - Mathematics and computer science - United against organised hackers - Three questions for Thomas Weitin - Serving the environment - Three questions for Susanne Lackner - From the insect and plant kingdom - Critical urban infrastructure - Tiny structures - Buttons from a printing machine - Perfectly insulated - Optimised technology - Top-Level Research

    Focus on the young generation, from page 50

    Cooperation and transfer, from page 60

    Measuring heavy ions - Exciting matter - Tactile surgical robot - Applied cybersecurity - Researching transformation - Of cyber attacks and nanobodies - Perfect climate for start-ups - Global cooperation

    Life on campus, from page 74

    Buildings for the next decade - Karl Plagge House opended - Art and ability - Green meeting point - Changing the world, just like that - Facts and figures

    Awards, from page 86

    Honorary doctorate for Francesco Iachello - Positive signals from Brussels - Sponsor's motives - Presentable qualifications - Discovered after all this time - Humanitarian sign - Best choice - 450 years of storing knowledge Facts and figures

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 1/2018

    Applied Geosciences

    Artificial groundwater augmentation

    Didactics of Technology Education

    Digitalisation in vocational colleges


    Functional coatings and “switchable“ foams


    Substance against obesity

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 4/2017


    Well organised to defeat hacker networks

    Concrete and Masonry Structures

    Economical und climate-political perspectives

    Computer Science

    By means of adaptive algorithms to the maximum picture information

    Enzyme Research

    New biocatalysts are improving Green Chemistry

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 3/2017


    Stop and Go in the ionic channel

    Wastewater technology

    Secure the worldwide no. 1 natural resource

    Diesel engine

    More precise measuring technology for catalysts

    Machine construction

    Sensitive door-opening buttons from a printer

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 2/2017

    Motor Drive

    Options for the Diesel Engine


    Simple Networks in Times of Crisis

    Medical Engineering

    Surgical Robots with a Deft Touch

    Energy Distribution Networks

    Sensitive Energy Cables in the Underground

  • Progress Report 2016

    Summary by Executive Board, from page 4

    Academic Affairs, from page 14

    Best possible start - Successful operation - Starting your studies with a difference - A warm welcome - Young input - Joint pioneering work - The latest from the natural sciences - Acting responsibility - Courses offered by TU Darmstadt - Facts and figures

    Research, from page 30

    Strong collaborative research centres - LOEWE promotes excellence - Into and out of the city - Developing brain software - Turbo boost for broadband network - Gaps in the system - Aspects of health - Safe cars of the future - Orientation in the textual world - Responsive plastics - Sustainable construction and driving - State and society - Secure prospects - Better living and working conditions - Top-Level Research

    Focus on entrepreneurial atmosphere, from page 52

    Cooperation and transfer, from page 62

    Driving energy research - Fit for Industry 4.0 - Efficient and low-emission flight - Hand in hand - Mobility of tomorrow - Terahertz waves and therapies - The world on a large and small scale - Good neighbours

    Life on campus, from page 74

    Student creativity - Wide awake - Flourishing landscapes - Mosaics shine once again - Art Forum opened - Course set - Staying healthy - Facts and figures

    Awards, from page 86

    Noble gesture - Architecture and education - Milestones in sight - Multiple awards - Generous foundation - Top performances - Closely linked - Excellent dissertations - Excellent reputation - Water is her element - Biologist, anatomist and artist - Facts and figures 102 Campus impressions

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 1/2017

    Atomic Physics

    The mystery of neutron stars


    New standard for encrypted communications

    Energy Technology

    Coal-powered power stations are becoming more environmentally friendly

    Material Sciences

    Embossing nano structures in metals

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 4/2016


    Stimuli-responsive synthetic materials

    Civil engineering

    Geopolymers as an eco-friendly alternative to cement

    Information technology

    Data analyses for the humanities


    Encrypting sensitive genome data