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Here you will find all published English editions and volumes of the TU science magazine hoch³ FORSCHEN and the progress report of the Technical University Darmstadt.

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 1/2020

    Materials Science:

    Memory chips for the next computer generations

    Computer Science:

    Protection against attacks via side channels

    Technical Thermodynamics:

    Data streams from space

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 4/2019

    Political Science:

    Effective Climate Protection

    Quantum Optics:

    With Single Atoms to Quantum Technology


    The Levers of the European Central Bank

    Computer Science:

    Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Progress Report 2018

    Summary by Executive Board, from page 4

    Academic Affairs, from page 14

    Tricky tasks - Run on biomedical engineering degree course - Demanding from the very start - Comprehensive protection - Settling in quickly - Generous opening hours - Courses offered by TU Darmstadt - Facts and figures

    Research, from page 30

    Top positions in German Research Foundation ranking - Major projects with a promising future - Machine learning for agriculture - From human to artificial intelligence - Recipe against the power of quantum computers - Pros and cons from noise - Health data under lock and key - Faster DNA synthesis - The insect perfume trick - Innovations for waterways and buildings - Overcoming subject boundaries - Top-Level Research

    Focus on "Why I study", from page 50

    Cooperation and transfer, from page 60

    50 years of partnership with Lyon - Energy-efficient ETA factory - Side by side with SMEs - From the laboratory into practice - Ground mission in the lecture hall - Clean water - The mobility of the future - 3D scanner for insects - New tools - Awakening inquiring minds with Merck

    Life on campus, from page 74

    Thousands were wide awake - 78 Urban quality - Climate-friendly energy centre - Vespa swirl - 90 years university swimming pool - New cultural business with tradition - Facts and figures

    Awards, from page 86

    Double peak power - Postdocs with Athene - Take-off in research - Search for matter 2.0 - Not always platinum - Instructive - Outstanding - Proximity to the Nobel Prize - Concentrated inspirations - Facts and figures

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 3/2019

    Materials Science:

    Ceramics reveal their secrets

    Mechanical Engineering and Biology:

    Cell growth on bone implants

    Engineering and Natural Sciences:

    Complex biomarkers

    Stem Cell Biology:

    More precise diagnostics of the Coffin Siris syndrome

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 1/2019

    Energy systems and Power engineering

    Upgrade for climate protection

    Materials Science

    Electronic components in action


    City without barriers

    Mechanical engingeering:

    The road to the car with a true environmental profile

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 4/2018

    Biology and algorithms

    The virtual cancer patient


    Images of Masculinity in the Vegan Era

    Materials science

    Storing energy by water splitting

    Information technology

    Transactions via blockchains in real-time

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 3/2018


    New materials with surprising ease

    Information science

    Fishing for substance on the internet digitally

    Wastewater technology

    The dangers of microplastic in waters


    Production of sexual attractants strengthens crop protection

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 2/2018

    Practice transfer

    Hydraulic engineers develop steps for fish

    Basic research

    The forces at the core of atoms

    Challenge feeding the world

    Artificial Intelligence helps agriculture


    Machine construction and the treasure of satellite data