Employer TU Darmstadt
An attractive place to work

Exciting challenges await: at our university, you will work on a variety of tasks in a dynamic and international academic environment. TU Darmstadt offers interesting research and teaching opportunities, as well as various administrative and technical support roles.

Working at TU Darmstadt

A focus on responsible autonomy

Fostering constructive teamwork and an appreciative work and management culture is important to us.

TU Darmstadt is an organization that learns and embraces change. As part of our proactive approach to organizational development, we put structures and competencies in place to systematically advance the university as a whole.

We place great importance on transparency, communication and mutual respect. Through a participatory process we have developed management guidelines . Managers are regarded as multipliers who apply these values across the university. To support staff in the performance of their duties, we offer specific development programmes.

Professional development is a focus of the regular annual review that individual employees have with their line manager. This confidential, fair dialogue provides the opportunity to discuss personal objectives, strengths and prospects.

Work-family balance

Reconciling personal obligations

TU Darmstadt promotes balance between personal and work responsibilities. We have been certified as a 'family-friendly university' on multiple occasions. Employees with children and families are most welcome!

We help mothers and fathers alike to plan their parental leave and provide support on their return. A combination of internal and external childcare options, including two bilingual nurseries that also take under threes, allow us to cater for a range of parental requirements. For information about this, please contact the family services unit.

We are also aware of the difficulties that taking on caring responsibilities can cause for families. The TU strives to help affected members of staff to find practical solutions and to devise concepts for support that help them to remain in work.

Employment prospects for partners play a significant role when choosing a new city in which to live. Our Dual Career Service provides support for the partners of newly appointed professors to assimilate into the labour market in the Rhine-Main region. Newly employed academics and those moving here from outside Germany may also make use of the housing service to find accommodation in the region.

Advancement of women

Equal opportunities are a strategic priority

Here at TU Darmstadt, equal opportunities are part of the criteria for excellence. That is why the university's management, central administration and all departments work together to implement this policy.

It is a social reality that women continue to be under-represented in some technical and scientific fields. As a technical university with a corresponding focus on such areas, advancing the position of women is therefore a social necessity for us at present. The advancement of women forms a firm part of TU Darmstadt's overall strategy.

Our aim is to ensure that the atmosphere in all areas is gender-neutral and to encourage more women to join TU Darmstadt. We want to employ qualified female members of staff at all levels and to all positions within the university and would urge women to apply to TU Darmstadt. We also run mentoring projects specifically for female academics to help build their careers.

Diversity in action

Developing potential

We view diversity as an opportunity and therefore adopt a conscious and appreciative approach. Different perspectives are a powerful force.

Together we aim to create a climate that is free from prejudice and in which diversity is possible. Establishing an understanding of people's similarities and differences is just as important to us as respect for each individual. The heterogeneous nature of the university community gives us plenty of scope to bring together different viewpoints and to learn from them.

Diversity is an important aspect at TU Darmstadt. We advocate the acceptance of diversity, stand for tolerance and speak out against discrimination in all areas.

Personal and professional development

Supporting your career

We give employees a range of opportunities to deepen their professional knowledge and individual capabilities, as well as to enhance their personal skills.

In terms of staff development, we facilitate exchange between colleagues and networking and offer tailored programmes for different groups to gain qualifications and boost their skills. Any interested employee has access to a comprehensive range of training options internally. Specialists and managers can also take part in training provided in conjunction with other universities and institutions.

The certificate in teaching in higher education (Zertifikat Hochschullehre) is a special qualification for people with teaching duties. This modular, supervised process is a way of putting teaching skills on a more professional footing.

Starting a career in academia

Joining TU Darmstadt as a junior researcher

Supporting and encouraging the next generation of academics is very important to us. We regard the ideas of young researchers as valuable contributions.

Right from the start of your academic career, we create space for you to conduct your own research. For doctoral candidates, there are various opportunities to gain structured doctorates within graduate schools and colleges, as well as within the departments.

We provide support for post-docs as they go on to pursue independent scholarship. Our junior research groups enable you to take on greater personal responsibility by implementing your research ideas in teams.

Ingenium – Young Researchers at TU Darmstadt is the umbrella organization for promoting early career researchers at TU Darmstadt. The Welcome Centre offers support for new doctoral students as they join the university

Healthy living and working

Preventative health measures

We would like to help our employees achieve a balance between working at TU Darmstadt and their personal and family life.

For us, health is closely associated with working conditions and quality of life. Conscious healthcare is therefore especially important to us. Ergonomics for the workplace, occupational health and rehabilitation services are, of course, provided. A confidential social and conflict advisory service is also in place.

The university's sports centre actively fosters a sense of equilibrium through its programme of sports and physical activities. In summer, the university's swimming pool and golf course are perfect for enjoying the outdoors. Our programme of preventive measures includes lunchtime events to encourage movement, seminars on mindfulness and stress management or courses on back health, for example. Music and cultural activities also have a special place within TU Darmstadt.

Open to the world

Global networking

TU Darmstadt has an international focus and is open to academics and employees from all over the world.

With renowned partners, we are an active member of global networks. From research projects and strategic partnerships to university consortia: TU Darmstadt builds reliable, long-term cooperations that add scientific and academic value. In addition to cooperation in research and teaching, international collaboration occurs at institute level or between individual entities and academics.

We promote international mobility amongst our members. Similarly, we are happy to welcome guests and employees from other countries into our university community.