Physics (M.Sc.)


Physics (Master of Science)

(Physik, M.Sc.)


General Information

Degree: Master of Science
Duration: 4 Semesters
Language: German
Internship: programme-internal internship (see Semester Course Schedule)
Requirements for Admission: Requirements for admission to the Master’s Degree programme (and thereby university enrolment) consist of a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics or an equivalent degree. Admission to the Master’s Degree programme may also depend on additional requirements. Specific degree entrance requirements may be found here and in the competences description. For further questions please contact the departmental advisor’s office.
Please also note the general information on Master’s Degree programmes, including information for students with degrees from universities abroad: International Admission.
Admission Procedure: As long as the requirements for admission (Entrance Requirements Verification) are fulfilled, there is no restriction on admission.
Part-time Studies: possible under specific conditions
Programme Start: winter semester and summer semester
Application Deadline: International applicants find their application deadline here.
Application: Online
Special Features: 1. Students will be expected to be proficient in English as physics textbooks are often written in English and original literature almost exclusively so.
2. TU Darmstadt offers a Double Degree Programme at a partner university for this course.

Brief Description

The aim of the Master of Science degree programme in Physics is to provide students with the multi-faceted expertise and scientific confidence required to solve problems in fundamental and applied research, technology and society. Advanced and specialised lectures and courses from the areas of experimental and theoretical physics and from a supplemental subject outside of physics, typically from mathematics, natural sciences or engineering sciences will serve this aim. Students will also be able to choose interdisciplinary courses from the complete TU Darmstadt course catalogue to increase the scope of the programme. A one-year research phase will complement this broad spectrum.
The Master of Science degree programme in Physics focuses on the mathematical and natural sciences.

Semester Course Schedule (print version)
Semester Course Schedule (print version)

The Advanced Phase covers the first two semesters and includes

  • Advanced Theoretical Physics;
  • the Area of Specialisation, which consists of two lectures/courses;
  • Seminar in Theoretical and Experimental Physics;
  • Non-Physics Supplemental Subjects;
  • and Interdisciplinary Courses, including courses which deal with key qualifications, also form part of the programme.

Research Phase: The third and fourth semester will be taken up with

  • the “Practical Internship: an Introduction to Scientific Research”
  • and the writing of the Master’s Thesis.

Both modules will conclude with a written and verbal presentation.

The semester course schedule contains a catalogue of approved areas of specialisation, plus supplemental subjects outside of physics to fulfill requirements for the area of specialisation and the non-physics supplementary subjects. Other suitable specialisations and supplemental courses may be submitted to the departmental examination committee for approval.

More information:

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