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Study at the Rhein-Main-Universities

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With the Rhein-Main Universities (RMU) study programme, the

  • TU Darmstadt,
  • Goethe University, Frankfurt,
  • Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz

offer an open study programme with selected courses for their more than 100,000 students combined. RMU students can be enrolled at the same time at up to three universities in two federal states without additional fees. RMU studies at the cooperating universities thus complement studies at one's own university.

How does it work? Each of the three universities publishes a catalogue of courses that are open for RMU studies, broken down by subject, as part of its course catalogue. You can choose freely from this catalogue and register via the registration channels of the respective university.

Thus, enrolment is not in a specific degree programme, but in the RMU degree programme in general, which makes it possible to attend courses in different subjects.

Modules attended as part of the RMU study programme can also be completed with examinations and the acquisition of credit points. In addition, students benefit from libraries, computer centres and refectories as well as from the specific strengths of the other universities with which they can complement their personal studies.

Open to Students of the Goethe-University in Frankfurt and the Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz.
Students of TU Darmstadt who want to participate in the RMU studies programme must contact the two other universities.
Cost Semester fees must not be paid.
Courses in the RMU Programme The selectable courses can be found in the TU Darmstadt course catalogue under “RMU-Studienangebot”. Basically, only courses from admission-free study programmes, and offered by the lecturers for the RMU study programme for the respective semester, are eligible.
Applying for the RMU Courses at TU Darmstadt The application for the RMU study programme is done via TUCaN . To do this, first register on the website and create a TUCaN applicant account. You can then apply online. To do so, please select “RMU Special Programme” in the study programme on the above-mentioned website. You will then be taken to an online application dialogue. In there, upload your certificate of enrolment from your university of origin (JGU Mainz or GU Frankfurt) for the coming semester for which you are applying. Now all you have to do is submit your application online. If all your details are complete and the enrolment certificate is correct for the application semester, then enrolment (application status then “immatrikuliert”) in the RMU programme will take place and you will receive your RMU student ID card from TU Darmstadt by post. If the information you have provided or the matriculation certificate is incorrect or insufficient, you will be asked to correct it by e-mail.
Required Documents
  • Your current certificate of enrolment at your present university (Goethe-University, Frankfurt, or Johannes-Gutenberg-University, Mainz)
  • No other documents must be submitted.
Application Deadlines
  • Application for a summer semester December 01st until April 30th
  • Application for a winter semester: July 01st until October 31st
Acquiring Credit Points at TU Darmstadt It is possible to take examinations and acquire credit points. The contact person for this topic at the TU Darmstadt is the relevant Office for Student Affairs of the department.
Getting your TU Darmstadt Exams Credited at Your University The crediting of study achievements or examinations acquired in the RMU degree programme for one's own degree programme must be clarified with the respective home university.
Continuing the RMU programme at TU Darmstadt
  • In order to continue your RMU studies at TU Darmstadt, you have to apply for re-registration via your TUCaN account.
  • For re-registration, you need a certificate of enrolment from your home university for the coming semester. This means that you first have to re-register at your home university. You can only apply for re-registration for RMU studies at TU Darmstadt when you have the new certificate of study. Applications with study certificates from previous semesters will be rejected.
  • Helpful information on the TUCaN Campus Management System of TU Darmstadt
De-registration The enrolment is valid for one semester. You will be automatically exmatriculated if you do nothing further.
Further Information General information and FAQ on the RMU study programme can be found on the website of the Rhein-Main Universities.