Research oriented Module (RoM)

The aim of this one-semester programme is to provide you with the necessary methods for doing research at the highest level of science and technology. It is conceived exclusively for French engineering students from École Polytechnique and Groupe des Écoles Centrales.

While teaching you the most important contents of your selected field, we will also give you the opportunity to develop central skills for doing research. You will get to apply these methods to an actual scientific problem in your field in one of our many research laboratories, and compile your results and solutions in a scientific paper.

You can pick one of the five offered specializations:

•    Laser physics & Quantum cryptography
•    Nuclear Astrophysics
•    Nuclear, Particle & Accelerator Physics
•    Soft Matter Physics
•    Biophysics

Finally, our programme offers you the opportunity to be trained in performing research on state-of-the-art scientific questions, and by working in a research group, improving your teamwork skills in a stimulating cultural and intellectual environment.

German Intensive Language Course

The intensive language course is obligatory for RoM-Students. It takes place during March.