International Research Experience Program (IREP)

Virtual IREP in 2021

Due to the corona pandemic, IREP will be offered as a virtual and on-site exchange option in summer 2021! Please take a look at the project database, which projects are offered in both formats. For some projects it is unfortunately not possible to run them remotely.

We offer online office hours every Tuesday at 5:30 pm (Berlin time), to answer your questions about the programme, application, etc.
Please, feel free to join at the following link.

New information due to a change in the situation will be published immediately. For all general information about the corona situation and policy at TU Darmstadt, please take a look at the website.

The main objective of the program is to enable undergraduate and graduate students from TU Darmstadt's partner universities in Canada and the USA to:

  • Acquire an insight in research in your field through active participation
  • Gain intercultural experience
  • Transfer credit points home

The student has to be of good academic standing at their home institution and demonstrate a keen interest in research techniques and practice.

IREP Summer

IREP Spring/ Fall

Research Internship

  • Research Internships are available in various faculties and departments at Technical University of Darmstadt such as: Engineering & Sciences, Mathematics, Information Technology, Social Science, Human Sciences, Economics and Business Administration.
  • Students are fully integrated in ongoing research groups and are assisted by faculty members and doctoral candidates throughout their research project.
  • Students can choose a 10-12 week research internship from a list of open internships or suggest their own project.
  • Students are expected to report on their progress regularly, hand in a final written report and give an oral presentation in English at the end of the program for an evaluation by the hosting department. Others tasks my be part of the program.

Language Requirements

The program language is English. German language skills are not necessary for the acceptance into IREP. Exceptions are research internships in German linguistics and literature, which may be offered (at least partially) in German.

*Program coordination and support is provided in English.*

Intensive German Language Course (for IREP spring/ fall only)

The Intensive German Language Course takes place in September and March during the Fall and Spring semesters, prior to the research internship. Students can earn academic credit for the language course.

For students interested in learning German online, please take a look at the Online German Language Course – STEM.

Research projects are available in almost every department and faculty at Technical University of Darmstadt. Students choose a 10- to 12-week research project from the IREP Database. If students cannot find three suitable projects in the IREP Database, they can search the department and faculty websites for research projects they are interested in. Students can earn minimum 12 ECTS credits worth of academic credit for the research project.

Open three times a year to our partner universities in Canada and the USA. All program dates and application deadlines are listed below:


Program Dates IREP – Spring 2021
Language Course and Orientation: March 1– 26 (4 weeks)
Research Project: March 29 – June 04 (10 weeks)
Application deadline at TU Darmstadt: December 15th 2020


Program Dates IREP – Summer 2021
Orientation Program: May 17– 21 (1 week)
Research Project: May 25 – July 30 (10-12 weeks)
Application deadline at TU Darmstadt: March 1st


Program Dates IREP – Fall 2021

Language Course and Orientation: September 6 – October 1 (4 weeks)
Research Project: Oktober 4 – December 12 (10-12 weeks)
Application deadline at TU Darmstadt: April 15th

“I am beyond thankful for the experiences and support I had within the IREP program. I was able to work closely with professors on further advancing my research in relation to my master's thesis, and received valuable feedback that will benefit me in the future when continuing to pursue my academic interests. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested!”

by Andrés Orjales, Virginia Tech, USA

Students are going to write a paper, give a presentation, and receive a final grade and ECTS credit points for the successful completion of the program. TU Darmstadt will also issue an official transcript for the credits received.

Academic Credits:

  • Intensive German Language Course (4 Weeks) -> 45 Hours/Week -> 6 ECTS*
  • Research Project (10-12 Weeks or longer) -> 30-40 Hours/Week -> 12-18 ECTS*

*ECTS credit units reflect the quantity of work from each course to complete a full degree program – i.e. lectures, practical work, homework, etc.
1 ECTS = approx. 30 hours of academic work, approx. 1/2 Canadian/US credit.
Students are asked to contact their home institution for confirmation on credit conversion.

The applicant have to:

  • be currently enrolled and remain enrolled throughout the program in an undergraduate or graduate program at a partner university of TU Darmstadt in Canada or the USA.
  • have successfully completed at least 3 years in an undergraduate program or one year in a graduate program at the partner university by the time of the placement.
  • be selected by his/her home university to apply for the IREP program.
  • have at the time of his/her application to the program a Grade Point Average of at least:
    • 3.0 (US)
    • 73% (Canada)
  1. Application at Home University
    Students have to apply at their home university. They are asked to contact their International Office/Global Education Office for application requirements and deadlines.
  2. Research in IREP Database for project preferences
    Students have to choose their top three preferred research topics by stating clearly their first, second and third preference. Students can either choose three research projects from the IREP Database or choose their own research projects.
    ONLY if students choose their own research topic they have to:
    • Identify a professor here at TU Darmstadt who works in a related field to this topic.
    • Clearly state which subject they would like to research.
    • Contact our offices to get in touch with that professor for a pre-approval of this topic.
  3. Online application and supporting documents
    After acceptance by the home university and selection of preferences, the student has to complete an online registration.

    IREP Application Guideline provides important and helpful information for completing the form and the necessary documents.
    Here the IREP Project Choice and Approval Formcan be downloaded, which is to be uploaded in the online application.
  4. Confirmation of online application via Email
    The student has to send an email to to confirm the completion of the online application.
  5. Acceptance to the project
    Once formal admission requirements are fulfilled, the International Office at TU Darmstadt will forward the documents to the corresponding IREP project supervisor for approval and inform the student as soon as the project supervisor give their confirmation.
  6. Receiving admission documents
    If your application was successful, you will receive an email confirming your acceptance for a chosen research project from the International Office at TU Darmstadt. You and the coordinator at your home institution will receive the admission documents and further information within a few weeks following your acceptance into the program.

Please keep in mind: Nomination by the home university does not guarantee a research placement. The final acceptance into the IREP always depends on the decision of the respective IREP supervisor.

Scholarships of Excellence

The Scholarship of Excellence will be awarded to students with an outstanding academic performance, to support their participation in IREP.

All students are eligible to apply for the IREP Scholarship of Excellence in their application. Selection is based on the application documents.

IREP spring/ summer/ fall

This scholarship program provides financial support for a total of three months. The selected students will receive the scholarship in monthly instalments.

Please note: Scholarships of Excellence are available for in-person or remote participation!

Program fee

IREP summer

The program fee will be 2,400€. The fee includes:

  • Housing rent
  • Student service fee
  • Semester ticket for free public transport in and around Darmstadt and the State of Hesse
  • Health insurance during program time for stay in Europe
  • Orientation program and excursions (München, Heidelberg, etc.)
  • University enrollment incl. WIFI access on campus and city of Darmstadt

The program fee for remote participants will be approx. 300 €. The fee includes:

  • Student service fee
  • University enrollment incl. access on campus networks
  • Orientation program and virtual excursions

IREP spring/fall

The program fee will be approx. 1,620€ (exact fee for 2021 will be announced soon)

The fee includes:

  • Housing rent
  • Student service fee
  • Semester ticket for free public transport in and around Darmstadt and the State of Hesse
  • University enrollment incl. WIFI access on campus and in the city of Darmstadt

Please note that all students are responsible for their own personal budgets during their time abroad. The average expenses of a student in Darmstadt amount to approximately 400,00€ per month, but the expenses can vary according to personal preferences and travel plans.

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