Virtual International Summer University

“German Engineering and Language”

Hessen Virtual Academic Short Term Programs (Hessen:VASP) 2021 Programme Dates: May 17 – July 30, 2021

Virtual International Summer University

May 17 – July 30, 2021

The Virtual International Summer University is a unique programme designed to provide insights into cutting-edge German engineering technology, to improve international language skills as well as to discover and learn more about the German culture. It combines engineering courses, virtual company visits, intensive German language courses, cross-cultural competencies training for engineers and virtual social and cultural activities.

Living and studying in Darmstadt

What is living and studying in Darmstadt like? This video takes you on a fast-paced trip through the city and colleges.

The programme consists of three components:

  1. Engineering Courses and Workshops
    The various engineering courses offer students the opportunity to gain insights into Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering through a combination of lectures, interactive workshops and group presentations.

    • Virtual Excursions to German companies (such as):
      • Continental AG – German automotive manufacturing company
      • Merck KGaA – German research company in chemistry and pharmacy located in Darmstadt
  1. German Language Courses – STEM
    Students will gain German speaking, writing, reading and listening skills for every day communication through the lense of the academic world. This course is offered at a beginner's level for students with no previous knowledge as well as on intermediate and advanced levels for students that have taken German classes at home.
  1. Cross-Cultural Competencies Training for Engineers
    This seminar will train non-German students in intercultural skills to help them successfully navigate in an intercultural working and learning environment in Germany. It will also introduce students to practical techniques, skills and knowledge surrounding themes of living, studying and working in Germany.

    • Virtual Social and Cultural Programmes
      Expand your virtual study abroad experience by attending our social and cultural activities online.

All Enginering courses as well as the Cross-Cultural Competencies Training for Engineers will be held in English.

For further information see our flyer. Detailed descriptions of the courses` contents can be found on our syllabus.

Be sure to visit our Instagram Account to see what students were doing during our Summer programme the past years!

If you are a student of one of our partner universities (see our partner database):

  1. Please apply at/consult your universities’ international office for the ISU at TU Darmstadt. Your international office will need to send an informal nomination to .
    Please keep in mind: Nomination by the home university does not guarantee a placement in the programme. Also keep in mind: With a successful nomination you might qualify for a partial scholarship. Please consult with your university’s international office.
  2. We will confirm a successful nomination via email. Make sure to check your emails regularly.
    Your next steps will then be:
    1. Register with TU Darmstadt
    2. Pay the Programme Fee
    3. Receive a Letter of Acceptance

If you are a student of a university not contained in our partner database, please follow the next steps to apply successfully:

1. Please contact to state your interest in our programme.

  • Please make sure to inform us about your home university
  • Tell us your course of study

2. After proving your eligibility to participate in our programme, we will forward information on how to apply.

3. When the formal admission requirements are fulfilled, we will review your application. If we can offer you a place in our programme, we will contact you. The next steps would then be:

  • Pay the programme fee
  • Receive a Letter of Acceptance

If you are a student from the University of Massachusetts system, the University of Wisconsin system, and participating universities in Queensland you will participate as exchange students and will not pay fees directly to TU Darmstadt. Please contact your study abroad advisor for more information on how and when to apply.

This programme is especially designed for undergraduate students from our partner universities.

Total Fee: € 1,200

The total fee covers:

  • language courses, course materials, workshops, engineering courses, intercultural practice, company visits, social activities and excursions

It is only possible to obtain a partial scholarship for nominated students from our partner universities. Please consult with your university’s international office.


Course duration: May 17 – July 30

Students will complete tasks/assignments, work in groups, give presentations and write final exams. At the end of the programme they will receive a grade for each completed course and ECTS credit points for the successful completion of the programme.

Students can earn 12 ECTS (6 US/Canadian credit points) worth of academic credit for the entire programme. To make sure the credits will be accepted by your home institution we kindly advise you to get in touch with your home University faculty in advance.

  • Engineering courses and workshops:
    • Mechanical Engineering: 100 Hours; 4 ECTS (2 US/Canadian credit points) or
    • Electrical Engineering : 100 Hours; 4ECTS (2 US/Canadian credit points)
  • Intensive German language course: 150 Hours; 6ECTS (3 US/Canadian credit points)
  • Cross-Cultural Competencies Training for Engineers: 50 Hours; 2 ECTS (1 US/Canadian credit points)

1 ECTS (0.5 US/Canadian credit points) = approx. 25-30 hours of academic work

The applicant must

  • be currently enrolled and remain enrolled throughout the programme at a university.
  • have a profound interest in engineering topics.
    Please note: This programme will be most useful to undergraduate students with an interest or previous knowledge in Mechanical Engineering. Students studying similar subjects within the field of Engineering and Sciences are however also welcome to apply.

Hear what our students have to say about TU Darmstadts Summer School Program from 2017

Hear what our students have to say about the International Summer University Programme from 2017:

Matthew Wolenski:
My name is Matt and I am from the United States of America. My home state is New Hampshire and I study Civil Engineering and German at the University of Rhode Island. The summer School program at TU Darmstadt has been a positive experience and I am glad that I took the opportunity to see what the school is like.

I enjoyed that we were able to visit a variety of different engineering companies throughout the four weeks. I was surprised by how many interesting companies there are in Darmstadt and I think we were fortunate to be close to all of these incredible places. Along with learning about engineering, we were able to learn German in small classes. I appreciated that we were able to take German classes that were at our skill level whether we were beginners or at an intermediate level. We were able to use our German at our own comfort level throughout the city.

It has been a unique experience attending the Summer School and being surrounded by the German culture. I am glad that I spent these four weeks in this program and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in engineering and wants to learn more about TU Darmstadt or the German culture.

Tang Jian:
My name is Tang Jian, I come from Tsinghua university, Beijing, China. I study construction management. I think the Summer School I took this year really gave me a meaningful experience. We took German classes, we visited companies and we learned some engineer lessons too.

What most impressed me was our battery design activity, which we did in a group with some of my other classmates. We worked out a plan of fail-safe battery design. We learned the German way of product design, how precise they are and how many things need to be considered during the procedure. Besides the Summer School classes, I also had a lot of travels in some other places in Germany like Munich, Neuschwanstein, and a weekend in Paris.

I went there to see the city, the architecture and the people. They surrounding cultures here are very different from the people in my home country and also different from my expectation. The four weeks here made me think a lot, practice a lot, and see a lot new things. I felt like this was my best summer vacation ever!

Jonathan Nguyen:
My name is Jonathan and I'm from Fort Myers, Florida, in the United States and I'm studying Aerospace Engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I think the Summer School program was great, as were the tutors. Most of the company excursions were interesting and a lot of the engineering seminars and classes were pretty cool as well.

One of the engineering classes had us do testing with cars and we got to test features of a BMW i3 and a Mercedes S500. Those of us with driver's licenses could drive the i3 and I was one of them. I thought it was an awesome experience. Another thing I got to do at TU Darmstadt personally was to visit Dart Racing, the FSAE team for TU-Darmstadt.

I am part of the FSAE team at my university so visiting them was a valuable experience. The timing was interesting because they were, at the time, preparing for one of the largest races in Europe. What I'll be taking back home with me are some concepts within German Engineering to incorporate into my future work and the phenomenal experiences I've had here.

Manuel García:
Hello! My name is Manuel and I am an Industrial Engineer student from Spain. I am currently studying at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. I decided to join the TU Darmstadt Summer School Program because it gave me the possibility to learn the German language.

German classes were really interesting, fun and at the same time useful; as I have improved my German level a lot throughout the course. At the same time, I know some of the most important companies like Opel, Merck and Lufthansa are based in Germany and wanted to know more about how they work. This program has also given me the opportunity to meet a lot of people from different cultures and different backgrounds.