Politische Theorie

Master of Arts; tuition language: German

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Besides the standard issues of justice, the focus of the programme is on the conceptual-historical examination of changes in political concepts, as well as theory-based analysis of power and hegemonic relationships in political reality. Political Theory is researched and taught under various perspectives: a conceptual historical, a philosophically-based, a theory-guided empirical and an institutional-theoretical perspective. The programme aims is to enable students to undertake a careful analysis of the current political scene and its dynamics.

The Master of Arts in Politische Theorie takes place in cooperation between the Goethe University Frankfurt and the Technical University of Darmstadt. Students are required to attend courses/lectures both at Technical University of Darmstadt and at the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Programme Information, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Semester Course and Examination Schedule

Department (Fachbereich) 03 Gesellschaftswissenschaften, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Institute of Political Science, TU Darmstadt

Course Catalogue

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Semesters 4
Language German; in some lectures English
Internship In the third semester, students have the opportunity to do either a semester abroad or to continue attending courses at the Technical University of Darmstadt or Goethe University Frankfurt. In this case an eight-week internship must be completed in which insight is provided into possible future careers. The internship concludes with a report (12 CPs); Further information.
Admission requirements 1. A degree B.A. Politikwissenschaft oder J.B.A. Politikwissenschaft of TU Darmstadt (reference programme) or an equivalent degree;

2. English at B2 (GER) level;

3. additional requirements
Admission procedure Admission information (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)
Application Application only via Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Good to know Preparatory courses for international students
Part-time studies: no
Doctoral Studies

Further information about career opportunities on the German job market may be found on the following websites:Career prospects for social scientists in general and for graduates of Political Science in particular, i.e. Master of Arts holders in Political Theory, are widely varied. An important feature of this broad spectrum includes practical experience, which students may obtain during their degree, depending on which specialisations they wish to focus on.

In general, political scientists work with schoolbook and textbook editors, with publishing houses (e.g. as copy editors), with radio, television and newspaper editing desks, in PR and marketing agencies, in libraries and archives, with international organisations and in the cultural field. With additional business management qualification, political scientists may also find positions in business enterprises (e.g. in business and marketing or human resources). Other options include working in the public service, with press agencies or in journalism, which are fields in which social scientists often work.

Of course political scientists also often find themselves working in research and teaching at universities. In addition, they are also found in statistical, market and polling institutes for political parties, associations, international organisations or in public administration.

For this reason it is important to start early in the degree programme to gain practical work experience in relevant organisations. In this way students can promote themselves as competent professionals in practice and make important professional contacts. The likelihood of finding a good position is definitely heightened if the student is flexible when it comes to commuting or even moving abroad. Good English language skills are particularly important when it comes to the international job market.

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