Kick-Off Days

The Orientation Programme for International Students

In the beginning of every semester, the International Student Services (ISS) organise the orientation programme Kick-Off Days. They are designed to help make the transition into life in Germany and your studies at TU Darmstadt as smooth as possible. The programme is free of charge and optional, however participation is highly recommended.

Picture: Ellen Lewis

Kick-Off Days 2020/21

For the first time ever, the Kick-Off Days will take place online. Together with our partners, we created the best possible orientation days for you. ISS welcomes you, no matter if you are already here in Darmstadt or if you start your semester from home. TU Darmstadt is everywhere!

1 Introduction by Patrick

ISS Student Assistant Patrick welcomes you and gives you some information on the Kick-Off Days.

2 Welcome to TU Darmstadt

Alissa Reinach, Advisor for International Students at ISS, welcomes you together with Professor Schneider, Vice President for Transfer and International Affairs. Furthermore, there will be information on ISS and how to get started at TU Darmstadt.

3 Let's Talk – International Students at TU Darmstadt

International students at TU Darmstadt discuss studying and living in Darmstadt.

4 Guided Campus Tour with Awais

International Student Awais gives a tour of campus Stadtmitte. Explore all the important places at TU Darmstadt.

If you are in Darmstadt and would like to walk the route of the tour by yourself, you can use this map of Stadtmitte.

The videos are provided with German subtitles. Click on the title on the left side of the video to go to YouTube and adjust settings if needed.

TUtor International

TUtor International is an initiative by AStA. The intercultural team aims to to assist international students by offering support in many different areas and by hosting exciting social, cultural and academic events.

TUtor International Website

AStA Website

TUtor on Instagram

TUtor on Facebook

TUtor on Telegram: Info Channel and Lounge

ESN Darmstadt

ESN Darmstadt (Erasmus Student Network) represents international students and offers fun events in order to provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development.

ESN Website

ESN on Instagram

ESN on Facebook

ITT – Intercultural Tutors Team

ITT's members are students from Darmstadt. They offer help to international students and organise great activities such as workshops, cultural events and much more.

ITT website

ITT on Facebook

Erste Intersektionale Diversity Woche 23. – 27.11.2020

Check out the other TU student-led groups as well. Sports, arts, technology – there is something for everyone.

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