MasterPlus – Success through Support
Support for international students

Master your Master’s!

The Technical University of Darmstadt has set itself the goal to provide the best learning environment for international Master’s students. This includes a well-prepared start into the semester and promising opportunities for academic and personal development for Master's students in STEM programmes at cooperating departments.

The MasterPlus Programme

The MasterPlus programme was created for international Master’s students, who have been accepted into a German or English language Master’s programme in the Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science department of the TU Darmstadt.

Who can participate?

All Master's students admitted and newly enrolled in the following study programmes:

FB*11– M.Sc. Materials Science + Double Degree exchange students AMIS, AMIR, FAME

FB13- M.Sc. Bauingenieurwesen – Civil Engineering

FB13- M.Sc. Sustainable Urban Development

FB13- M.Sc. Umweltingenieurwissenschaften

FB13- M.Sc. Verkehrswesen

FB16- M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering

FB16- M.Sc. Maschinenbau

FB* = Fachbereich / department


The MasterPlus programme is free. In some cases, costs can occur within the programmes (e.g. excursions).

Sign Up

Shortly after your admission to TU Darmstadt, you will be invited to the MasterPlus programme. Your e-buddy from your academic department will also contact you by email from the first week of March (summer semester) or from the first week of September (winter semester). Please remember to check your spam folder regularly.

Pre-study preparation:

Within the frame of the MasterPlus WELCOME module, international Master's students receive orientation and support by Buddies (Master's students in the same department). Buddies offer a virtual and face-to-face introduction to the the university, the study programme and the department, but are also there to inform about student life in Darmstadt. The Buddies offer study-related support during the first semester and always have an open ear for questions and problems

Shortly after your admission to TU Darmstadt, you will be invited to the MasterPlus programme. In addition, your Buddy from your future department will contact you by email from the first week of March or first week of September. Please remember to check your spam folder regularly.

During your studies:

“Master your Master’s” is the motto of the MasterPlus POTENTIAL programme.

Through targeted support for the development of potentials, strengths and strategies for success, international Master's students are to develop resilience and strategies in order to successfully complete their Master's studies. In the first Master's semester, study-related workshops and application-oriented training in self-management, self-motivation, strategy development, study subject knowledge, etc., are offered by MasterPlus Buddies.

One of the most important factors for successful studies and one's own satisfaction is being connected to other people and achieving a good work-life balance. Cultivating one's own interests and reaching out to others provides relaxation and is a source of strength and helps promote good mental health. The MasterPlus OUTREACH program has set the goal to provide international Master's students the opportunity to pursue their interests and hobbies, gain new experiences and connect with other students.

OUTREACH activities will take place during the semester. Information on the individual events will be published here in due course.

The MasterPlus Project

The pilot project “MasterPlus Welcome- Preparation – Potentials – Outreach” was funded by the European Social Fund and the State of Hesse from 2019 to mid-2022 as part of the “Offene Hochschulen – Potenziale nutzen, Übergänge gut vorbereiten” programme. After the funding period, MasterPlus became a permanent programme in a modified form and is further tested in the International Student Services.