Study Support
for international students

At the beginning of their studies at the TU Darmstadt, international students are confronted with a variety of challenges. In addition to the language, organizational and professional requirements, international students must get to know and understand a new academic system.

With the study success programs PreCIS and MasterPlus, the TU Darmstadt offers international Bachelor and Master students an early introduction and structured support during their studies. As an additional component for successful studies, the TU Darmstadt offers a wide range of training in key skills.

  • The PreCIS programme offers international Bachelor students a successful start to their studies by providing targeted preparation and support.
  • The MasterPlus+ Programme supports international Master's students in the MINT departments with a structured introduction to their studies and professional and intercultural study support.
  • Key skills training offers students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in basic study techniques.