TUbama for students

What is TUbama? What can students do with TUbama?

TUbama (TU Bachelor and Master Theses) is the digital archive for Bachelor and Master theses at TU Darmstadt. It is the archive for all student theses and the Bachelor or Master’s thesis needs to be uploaded here by the specified deadline in order to satisfy the requirements for the submission of an electronic copy of the thesis (§ 23 (7) of the General Examination Regulations (APB) at TU Darmstadt).

Using TUbama to submit theses for the purpose of electronic archiving is obligatory for all students.

Students upload their theses to the TUbama Portal in order to submit them in electronic form.

Students then submit the printed copies of the thesis to the Student Office. The Student Office carries out a visual inspection to ensure that the electronic version submitted via TUbama is the same as the printed copies and then approves the electronic version for archiving.

Students can follow the processing and approval status of their submitted thesis in TUbama.