Setting preferences

How to choose your exercise group correctly

When you register for exercises in small groups in TUCaN, you will be offered several dates. Depending on how the department has set up the registration, you must either select one appointment or rank all appointments.

When ranking, the following applies:

The more important an date is to you, the smaller the number you assign to it.

Preference 1 stands for your first choice, preference 2 stands for second choice, and so on. If you don't care which group they come in, just mark all groups with “No preference”. You can also exclude dates.

The more dates you rate, the greater your chance is to get a place in an excercise group.

If you only take your preferred date with preference 1 and exclude all other dates, it may happen that you are not assigned to any date in the end. This is because your preferred date may be preferred by a very large number of students and you may end up with no place in the group. Since you have not indicated any alternatives, you can then not be assigned.