I registered for the exercise groups, but I can't find the lecture.

With regard to the combination of lecture and exercise, the departments have two possibilities to realize this in TUCaN:

1. Integrated course:

In this case, when you register for an exercise group, you are automatically registered for the lecture. Lecture and exercise have been integrated into one course element for this purpose. You can recognize such an event by the fact that there are plenary sessions. In the event overview you will also find a link “Show plenum course” above the display of the exercise/small groups. Integrated courses usually have a course number, which are marked with the abbreviations “-vu” (for “Lecture and Exercise” or “-iv” (for “Integrated Course”).

2. Lecture and exercise were created separately.

The course number is usually the same, but you will find different abbreviations, mostly “-ue” for exercise and “-vl” for lecture. Both courses should be found in the same registration area and in the same module offering. If this is not the case, either an assignment has to be made for you (this may be the case if you were already registered for module in a previous semester), you have to be re-registered or the course has been inactivated by mistake. In all cases you can contact your Office for Student Affairs or the TUCaN support at . Please indicate your matriculation number and, if possible, the number and name of the course in question.