Diversity at TU Darmstadt

Innovation and creativity in research, teaching and learning as well as the quality of studying and everyday work live from the unprejudiced cooperation of diverse people.

The recognition and appreciation of individuality is part of our everyday life at the university through our self-image, human rights and legal foundations such as the General Equal Treatment Act as well as the mission statement and guidelines of the TU Darmstadt.

Diversity is translated as 'Vielfalt' in German, but as a practical approach it is much more than a description of the status quo at the university: Diversity focuses on a conscious approach to diversity and the recognition of different and complex life realities. The equal value of all people is the basis for interaction, in which the recognition of similarities as well as differences is relevant. After all, focusing on specific differences and providing necessary support based on disadvantages is also part of a diversity approach to support equity for all individuals at the university.

Supporting Equal Opportunity

Appreciating individuality, diverse experiences, and perspectives form the basis for interactions. An important aspect of this is to expand the support of equal opportunity and to ensure protection against discrimination across the board. The TU Darmstadt wants to actively contribute to a non-discriminatory interaction.

The goal is to establish and live an open university culture with all university members. This includes a daily respectful interaction with colleagues and students as well as an mindset that’s kind towards mistakes. In the spirit of lifelong learning, this also means creating equitable educational opportunities in training and further education.

Managing everyday life at the university

For many members of the TU Darmstadt, everyday university life as well as the environment in which they live are diverse, which in turn has an influence on their academic success and work ability. Some examples: More than 60% of students finance their studies through a part-time job, many members have nursing and care responsibilities or start a family during their time at our university. Health issues or chronic illnesses are also challenges that staff members and students have to deal with in their everyday life at the university. The examples show that diverse life concepts are realities for the members of the TU Darmstadt. These should be taken into consideration and be recognized in our interaction with each other.

As a university policy concept, diversity can start a self-critical discussion in order to enable the best possible study and working conditions for all members of the TU Darmstadt in this process. To this end, the university-wide development process of a diversity strategy was initiated.

Diversity strategy

In order to anchor diversity sensitivity and protection against discrimination consistently at all stages of the university, the first diversity strategy of the TU Darmstadt (opens in new tab) is currently being developed, which is to be implemented in 2023. The strategy was developed together with all university members in a participatory process within the framework of various events open to the university public.


The Anti-Discrimination Office at the TU Darmstadt offers professional help and advice in cases of discrimination and is a contact point that provides strategic and conceptual advice to prevent, avoid or eliminate discrimination. It also offers expertise on forms of discrimination. Frequently, several forms of discrimination are connected with each other, e.g. when sexual discrimination is accompanied by racist attributions.

The Diversity Education Office project aims to professionalize staff and students at TU Darmstadt for diversity aspects. This happens in the form of workshops that introduce the topics in terms of content and initiate (self-)reflection processes. The specific content is defined in exchange with the organizing departments on the basis of a needs analysis.

The project is financed by the program ‘Hohe Qualität in Studium und Lehre, gute Rahmenbedingungen des Studiums’ (QuiS) of the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art.

The Unite! Inclusion Office (TUDa) acts as a liaison between the TU Darmstadt and the European university alliance Unite!. Together with experts from our partner universities, joint standards, processes, and services are developed that endeavor to have a positive impact on international exchange and mobility, especially of historically underrepresented groups. We further aim to reduce disadvantages and access barriers so that all members and guests in all partner universities feel a sense of belonging and valued.

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Prof. Dr. Heribert Warzecha
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Referentin in Elternzeit
Diversity Education Office
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Diversity Education Office
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Unite! Inclusion Office
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Referentin in Teilzeit
Diversity Education Office
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