xchange at TU Darmstadt refers to the multidirectional exchange of ideas, knowledge, insights and technologies with partners from business, civil society, culture and politics, as well with partners from other academic institutions. This generates benefits and added value for everyone.

Our forms of cooperation

Our wide range of partnership activities provide effective and efficient support to help you reach your goals together with us. In research partnerships and commissioned research, our academics work together with you on relevant issues. In our xchange circles , the most important xchange research activities are grouped thematically.

We’d be happy to work with you to commercialise intellectual properties held by TU Darmstadt, while your donations can support us to fulfil our tasks or support students. We offer various options for university marketing and employer branding.

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We actively engage in various forms of cooperation. In our strategic partnerships, we work together with individual partners on multi-issue concepts using a range of approaches. Learn about our existing partnerships

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Research partnerships and commissioned research are research formats in which academics from TU Darmstadt work together with or for partners. Under research partnerships, an issue of interest to all parties is investigated. In partnerships, all of the parties involved undertake an intensive process of xchange. In commissioned research, by contrast, a precisely defined, self-contained task is researched for a partner (as a client) at the TU Darmstadt (as the contractor).

Are you interested in a research partnership? Find inspiration from our portfolio in the xchange circles and in our research areas , or contact our xchange office .

At TU Darmstadt, all kinds of innovations are generated in research projects. In our profiles on the HIGHWAY platform, you’ll find out about some of them. You can also connect directly with the academics involved. You can use our innovations to develop your own products further, or to create new ones. If development is needed, there are options for intensive cooperation between the industry partner and the TU Darmstadt, such as in commissioned research.

Please do not hesitate to contact our innovation managers.

TU Darmstadt is one of the most successful universities in Germany when it comes to funding for start-up companies. Our university’s dedicated innovation and start-up centre HIGHEST skilfully and reliably supports start-ups across all relevant phases.

HIGHEST is the focal point of the Rhine-Main-Neckar start-up ecosystem. You too can become part of this network – get in touch with innovators, start-up founders and new companies from TU Darmstadt and its network, such as through our HIGHEST Club.

In TU Darmstadt’s laboratories and lecture theatres, people work on finding answers to the most pressing questions of today and tomorrow that our society faces. To make this happen, we train individuals who use their expertise and skills to shape the lives of future generations in a responsible and ethical way.

Support us! We have various options for doing so.

With Career Services , you can make your future staff aware of your needs at an early stage. Career Services can help you to reach promising students and graduates from all disciplines.

Targeted university marketing adds value to your recruitment process: Campus advertising, promotions and sponsorships can deliver your message to students right on campus in a way that is appropriate to the target group.

Our alumni network offers our graduates a range of exclusive opportunities to stay in contact with TU Darmstadt. Stay in touch with your former classmates, or find new ones through our member portal. Expand your professional network, or maintain connections with your old department. Each encounter adds value and could be the basis for new cooperative opportunities.