The ideas and results developed in Clean Circles have high transfer potential in politics, business and society. In addition, measures of science communication are jointly developed to inform a broad public about the goals, methods and results of the project.

Knowledge transfer

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Video: Retrofitting existing infrastructures

One aspect of the energy transformation is now coming into focus: the climate neutral retrofitting of existing infrastructures – plants that often are designed to be in operation for decades. The aim of Clean Circles is to make these plants carbon free by retrofitting them. In this video project spokesperson Christian Hasse explains how that will work.

Video: Chemical energy carriers for the energy transition

TU Darmstadt sees research into the energy transition as a social mission. Research into the future energy systems is being carried out in numerous research groups. In addition to hydrogen, this also includes iron, whose climate-neutral oxidation and reduction enables a sustainable circular economy.

WDR 5 Quarks: Beitrag über Eisenpulver als Energiespeicher

In a radio report by WDR 5, the topic of iron powder as an emmision-free energy store is discussed. Prof. Andreas Dreizler from TU Darmstadt and scientists from the TU Eindhoven discuss the still open research questions and explain the basic principle behind the iron cycle. This is currently being investigated within the Clean Circles project funded by the state of Hesse at the TU Darmstadt and other participating partners. The podcast is in German.

hr-iNFO, February 2021

In the radio report by hr-iNFO, Prof. Christian Hasse and Prof. Andreas Dreizler report on current research efforts and perspectives in the field of chemical energy storage systems.