Computer Science (M.Sc.)


Computer Science (Master of Science)

(Informatik, M.Sc.)


General Information

Degree: Master of Science
Duration: 4 semesters
Language: German (individual courses in English)
Internship: Internships within the study programme (see semester course schedule)
Requirements for Admission: Requirements for admission to the Master’s degree programme (and thereby university enrolment) comprise a Bachelor of Science degree in the same field of study or an equivalent degree. Admission to the Master’s Degree programme may also depend on additional requirements. Specific degree entrance requirements may be found here and in the competences description. For further questions, please contact the departmental student advisory service.
Please also note the general information on the Master’s degree programmes, including information for students with degrees from abroad: International Admission.
Admission Procedure: As long as the requirements for admission (Entrance Requirements Verification) are fulfilled, there is no restriction on admission.
Part-time Studies: possible under specific conditions
Programme Start: winter semester or summer semester
Application Deadline: International applicants find their application deadline here.
Application: Online application
Special Features: TU Darmstadt offers a Double Degree Programme at a partner university for this course.

Brief Description

The Master of Science programme Computer Science has at its core the six fields of: IT Security; Networks and Distributed Systems; Robotics, Computational and Computer Engineering; Software Systems and Formal Foundations; Visual & Interactive Computing; Web, Knowledge and Information Processing, of which three or four have to be chosen. This is completed by the choice of an Application Subject which can be taken either from the field of computer science or from some other, computer related field.

Semester Course Schedule (print version)
Semester Course Schedule (print version)

In 3 or 4 of the six fields of computer science mentioned above, the students are required to obtain a total of 45 to 54 CPs from exams in lectures and tutorials or integrated courses in the Optional Subject Area “Fachprüfungen” (written or oral exam, course is a lecture with or without an exercise) while each of the 3 or 4 fields accounts for a minimum of 6 CPs.

In the Optional Subject Area “Studienleistungen” (report or presentation or code, course is a practical course, a seminar etc.), the students are required to gather 12 to 21 CPs from exams in seminars, internships, project internships, teaching internships, projects, or research papers in a field of informatics of the student’s choice. Within this framework, the student is required to choose one or two seminars, at most one teaching internships and at least one internship, project internship or a similar course.

Within the Elective Subject Area, studying an Minor Subject comprising 24 CPs is required. Here, the students get acquainted with application-related interfaces with other disciplines in cooperation with other departments at the TU Darmstadt. Typical applications of computer science, within as well as outside of informatics, such as Automation Engineering, Biological Psychology, or History, etc. are eligible as applied subjects. The Application Subject can thus contain subject-specific and/or interdisciplinary parts. Further information may be found on the current list of Application Subjects.

The Master’s Thesis concludes the program and is to be written in the 4th semester over a 6-month period. The students may work on their theses in groups as long as each student’s contribution is clearly recognisable and can be evaluated individually.

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