Research Projects

Research Projects

Covid-19 Update

Due to the Covid-19 situation, some projects are offered virtuell (via Remote). Those project are marked with an “V”.

How to find a Research Project

  • Make sure you meet the general admission requirements
  • Check the list of Open Internships for project openings
  • Choose an interesting project
  • In case you cannot find an appropriate research project and would like to suggest your own research project, please contact the International Relations Office
  • Discuss the research project you have chosen with advising faculty at your home university – clarify credit transfer for both the research project and the Intensive German Language Course
  • If you need more details or have a question concerning the project, contact the International Relations Office

Student Requirements

Students are required to actively participate in their designated research project and to submit a 15 to 20-page paper to the project supervisor at the end of the project, showing the process of their work and their results. They are also required to hold a short presentation in the institute/department.

Department/Institute requirements

The supervising professor selects an adequate academic advisor for the IREP applicant. The academic advisor meets with the IREP student on a weekly basis and helps the student to understand and reach the research objective. The student will receive adequate work space and tools. The supervising professor evaluates the work of the student and awards ECTS and a grade for the project.

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