I cannot find a specific course in my registration area

Make sure that the course was actually offered. You can either look in the course catalogue or use the course search.

If the course was offered, the following possibilities exist:

1. the course and the associated module are not intended for your examination regulations.

  • Ask your Office for Student Affairs about this and/or check this yourself on the basis of your study or examination regulations.

2. you have already been registered for the associated module since a previous semester, but the module was not linked to the current courses.

  • In this case, please contact the relevant Office for Student Affairs.

3. you have already completed the module.

  • n this case, it is no longer offered for registration. Check your examination results under Examinations > Semester results and/or transcript of records.

4. the module and the corresponding course are in another registration area.

  • Please search in other areas that could be in question.

5. Check under Courses > My Elective Areas whether a selection has been made there.

  • If certain options are not selected, this may be a reason for modules or courses that cannot be found.
  • If you can set the elective areas yourself, do so after consulting your Office for Student Affairs or, if you cannot do so yourself, ask the Office for Sudent Affairs to make the choice for you.
  • Whether you can choose yourself or not depends on the procedures of the respective departments.

6. none of the above applies.

  • Please write an email to tucan@tu-darmstadt.de to contact support. Include the following in any case:
    • Your matriculation number
    • Name
    • Number of the module
    • Number of the course
    • If possible: The registration area in which you assume the module or course to be located.