Language Courses

You want to improve your German skills while studying at TU Darmstadt? Or maybe you want to learn another language? Find out all about our language courses here.

Intensive German Language Courses

We offer a four-week intensive German language course for our exchange and double-degree students before the start of each semester. It is free of charge and participation is voluntary; however, it is highly recommended for all exchange students. Participants may obtain 6 ECTS for this language course. At the beginning of the course there will be a placement test, which ensures that you are in a course matching your language skills. This test is mandatory for all students who want to participate in the intensive language course.

German Language Courses during the Semester

German language courses are offered during the semester as well. Exchange students are given preferential treatment if they take a special placement test for international students.

Please take note of the dates set by the Language Resources Centre!

Exchange students can take part in both an intensive German language course before the semester and a regular course during the semester. The application procedure for German language courses during the semester is described on the website of the Language Resource Centre (see: Courses/Incomings and Course Registration Procedure).