Campus Orientation

Finding your way around a new and unknown university is always a challenge. Find out more about the campuses in Darmstadt here.

TU Darmstadt consists of two main campuses and several buildings that are spread throughout the city. The biggest campus, which also houses the university administration, is the “Stadtmitte” (city centre) campus. The second important campus is the “Lichtwiese” campus, including the botanical garden and the university sports centre.

The numbering of the buildings follows a strict convention. It begins with a letter that describes the site (S for Stadtmitte, L for Lichtwiese, B for Botanical garden, etc.) followed by a different number for each block on that site. After a vertical bar “|” the actual building number follows, and the last number is the room in that building.

Example: You can find the Unit for International Relations and Mobility here: S1|01 R305  Stadtmitte Campus, block 1, building 01, room 305.

Maps for all campuses can be found here: TU Darmstadt Maps