ECTS System

Find out all about the European Credit Transfer System, which will help you to organise and plan your studies.

ECTS Credits

The European Commission developed the “European Credit Transfer System” to facilitate international student mobility. It provides means of measuring and comparing learning achievements and transferring this information from one institution to another.

Using ECTS helps students organise a study programme in terms of overall workload. In ECTS, 60 credits represent one year of study, 30 credits are one semester and 20 credits a trimester. ECTS credits are also allocated to internships and to thesis preparation if these activities are a part of the regular study programme at both the home and host institution. ECTS credits are allocated to courses and are awarded to students who successfully complete these courses by passing examinations (written or oral) or through other assessments.

ECTS Grades

The various grading systems in different European countries result in a complicated recognition procedure. ECTS grades simplify the comparability and translation into the corresponding grading system without changing or replacing the original grading system.

For further information, please refer to theECTS Users' Guide. (opens in new tab)