Registration in Darmstadt

Once you have found accommodation, you must register within two weeks at the local registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt), depending on where you live (see the links below). Please bring your passport and the so-called “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung”, a form that has to be filled in by your landlord. If you live in one of the student housings of TU Darmstadt, please contact the TU Darmstadt Housing Service for the “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung”.

Einwohnermeldeamt Darmstadt
Adresse: Grafenstraße 30, 64283 Darmstadt
06151 13 3222

Einwohnermeldeamt Dieburg
Adresse: Markt 4, 64807 Dieburg
06071 2002 0