Ergänzungsstudiengang Lehramt; tuition language: German

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The Ergänzungsstudiengang Lehramt leads to a further teaching qualification for a teaching position at public schools. The qualification is only valid in conjunction with a successfully completed Erstes Staatsexamen für das Lehramt or an equivalent qualification. If no Erstes Staatsexamen für das Lehramt has been successfully completed or an equivalent qualification exists, only one subject can be studied at the same time with the desired final goal of an extension examination.

Mathematik: The programme includes mandatory subject studies and didactics. Apart from acquiring mathematical fundamental knowledge (linear algebra, stochastics, geometry), the programme provides the opportunity of attending advanced lectures of mathematics within the framework of the combination module.

Module Handbook

Study Regulations with Semester Course and Examination Schedule

Aptitude Test Statutes (2016)

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Centre for Teacher Education

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Semesters 4
Language German
Start of studies Winter semester
Admission Applying with international qualifications:
International Admission
Good to know
  • The Practical Phase III and the 'Vernetzungsbereich' are no longer required.
  • If a subject is studied with the aim of taking the additional examination, the regulations of the respective subject-specific regulations apply accordingly.
  • The complementary course of study has no effect on the standard period of study for the First State Examination or the Bachelor of Education and Master of Education degrees.
  • The complementary course of study does not constitute an extension of the deadline.
  • It is not possible to write a thesis in the subject of supplementary studies.
  • No academic degree is awarded after successful completion of the complementary studies.
Costs and budget
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Preparatory courses for international students
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Part-time studies: no
Doctoral Studies
Recommendation It is recommended to take up the Complimentary Teaching Degree Programme only after you have successfully studied your regular teaching degree programme and have gained a minimum of in total 90 CP in it already, in both subjects and in the Grundwissenschaften (Fundamental Studies) in a maximum of 6 semesters.
To help you organizing your Complimentary Teaching Degree Programme, the Centre for Teacher Education (Advisory for Teaching Programmes) offers individual counselling.

Teachers at Secondary Schools do not only teach their subjects but work within a greater pedagogical and organisational framework. They find positions not only at grammar schools (“Gymnasien”), but in different sectors of the widespread school system.

Valid statements on the future career perspectives are not easy to be made since they depend on a variety of factors, for example the range of subjects a teacher is able to teach. Other factors include the overall demographic development, political decisions and administrative regulations.

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